Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

You'll wind up in some factory that's full time filth and nowhere left to go

Last night I left CMU right as this happened and was turned away on Forbes Avenue (I also had to drive over a sidewalk since some clever person parked me in). Today I headed east on route 22 only to catch up to this. Perhaps it might be smart if you didn't go places I was going before I get there.

I did bring back ice cream with me. The trip back (I went to a friend's near Harrisburg in the evening after departing State College) was ok until I got to about New Stanton, and then the sky opened up, and I got a little of that hot hydroplaning action (thankfully nothing other than a little startled by it). Tomorrow I suspect I'll end up in the city again, it's a shame I can't get rid of this place already and just move... I'm watching Friday's Numb3rs now, and so now I want to go to Abay again. Sigh. Maybe I'll do that for lunch tomorrow (again).
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