Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Chinese envy no damn waiting

Episode 12033: Wherein dariaphoebe learns to rollerblade... at the Roxy.

So after a stop for lunch at Bethlehem Brew Works (wow is that place tasty) and a tasty Paella for dinner, I went skating with Jeff Altman and some of his friends at the Roxy. They had rollerblades. I'd never been on rollerblades.

I was acquiting myself well for a while. Then I got bolder and the floor got more crowded. Oh well. So I went on my ass a few times, most of them with help from people falling in from of me. I was also grabbed by more women tonight than probably the last 4 years combined.

Of course, I was also grabbed by more men than the last 4 years, combined. Anyway, so, I can rollerblade. I just can't stop so well.

Oh, and for what it's worth, cranberry lambic kicks ass. If I am running early tomorrow maybe I'll bring a growler of it home.
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