Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

You can hear the sound of the underground trains

6 days down, one to go. I have been in every surrounding state save Ohio, and one more, Virginia.

At 6am Tuesday I departed for the company office, and spent the day at the company "engineering summit". We now have a public AFS cell.

At the end of the day I fled north, stopping in Charles Town, WV. Stupidly I strayed from my plan of going north to Harrisburg and instead went via Baltimore, meaning construction on I-70, I-95, the Delaware Memorial Bridge and the NJ Turnpike offered a little unwanted resistance; At 2am I ditched my car at an unmetered spot at 100th and Broadway and wandered down to Jeff Altman's place.

A meal (by Battery Park, where I saw an assortment of destroyers, aircraft carriers, fighter jets, helicopters, and an Osprey) and several hours of work passed, as did volleyball and dinner, before a trip to the 24 hour Apple Store (where I got an Intel Mini for the company at 1am.)

Yesterday, I came home, via Bethlehem as usual. No more photos, way more beer. Modulo today's work fun including a pager explosion, I guess things are pretty decent.
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