Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

The sun beams down on a brand new day

In the last couple days, Kinoma Player 4 has finally learned to cope with Softick Audio Gateway, and so the Scosche Universal Bluetooth Receiver I buried in my car finally lets me stream radio via bluetooth A2DP in the car.

There's the temptation to buy new headphones but I should resist, and pay debt.

I have shuffled most of my debt to lower-interest cards. If work would finally reimburse me for the last trip, perhaps I could pay off the last high-rate debt and then call and complain about the rate on the card. I moved a small part to a 0% for a year Discover card, but I may be able to get a Costco AmEX and do more about that.

The interest rate game is a pain, but it beats spending like 10% of my monthly income on interest.... which did happen a couple times this spring.

Of course all of this means a trip to WWDC had better end with no new toys, sadly.
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