Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

I got a sight in mind

In between other things, I've gone off to take pictures, a welcome moment of sanity in the insanity of life.
Here, the sun sets on Heppenstall Steel for nearly the final time.

Something else. In my quest for cupcakes a few nights ago, just before 8pm, I figured maybe it was worth a try to see if any of the places the Post-Gazette liked might have any. #1 and #2 were closed, but one of the tied for #3, well, of course it was open.

So I went, and I got some. Sort of a cop-out, but so it goes.

Anyway, when checking out, I encountered something odd. I was at the self-checkout closest to the doors. And it's omniscient. I pointed at the on-screen "button" I wanted to press, not touching it, and it registered anyway. I figured "must be a fluke" until it happened again. I keyed in my PIN without touching the screen either.

Just think, a touchscreen which knows what you're thinking! More seriously, though, how about one that stays free of those icky fingerprints?
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