Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

And I was all out of luck

It's been a day. Between work and concalls, and letter-writing, I am toast. I found my old letters to Santorum earlier today telling him I thought he was crazy for his stands on certain things, and his replies where he talked around everything I said.

And Then I read this, and was amusing at the derision quotes around the outrage.

As I was driving back into the city from dealing with those errands, newly owning the car I drive so little anymore, radio piped in from Columbus told me Hillary was polled to have a better chance than Obama over McCain, but both were ahead. I can only hope for an Obama victory, but, hey. Who knows what will happen in the next 6 months. From the looks of things now, on so many fronts... "a lot".

So I cleaned out (redacted)'s freezer last night, and in it was one more piece of Soyrizo, in addition to a bounty of facon. And for various reasons I have bacon on the brain, so I think tonight maybe it's time to make these.
I'll tell you how they are.
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