Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Meanwhile, life goes on

It's easy to slip out of things which are "deep" and back into "mundane". Today was sort of "mop-up" day. Tomorrow I have a meeting. I should sleep soon, so I have a chance of, you know... being there.

-Discovered asymmetric subscription state in my zephyr server databases.
-Discovered it was exacerbated by the extra server I added to cache subscription state in the event of a failure, particularly, that server's inability to verify foreign subscriptions. At about the same time, I started seeing EAGAIN on one of the machines, which presumably somehow caused it, but I don't know what would have interrupted recvfrom or select in the main server's loop. If it happens again, well, I have a debugger.
-Patched the remaining issue which was holding back OpenAFS 1.2.9.
-Updated my empeg to 2.0 final, which was released today.
-Talked to some folks from Pitt at lunch about upgrading (their) kaserver-serviced Kerberos realm to use a krb5 kdc. I suggested Heimdal.
-Updated zephyrd on alycia and meredith to be current (e.g. plug the last memory leaks).
-Updated OpenAFS on meredith to have the patch mentioned earlier
(fixes a race in the fileserver's host routines). Put same update on vice9 but did not restart.
-Updated Heimdal on one Andrew KDC to plug a memory leak.
-Deposited a check making it so I have sufficient funds to pay my taxes.
-Configured a test cell again so I can work on Rx timeouts when for instance a read() goes into I/O wait forever.
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