Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Doesn't anybody ever know That the world's a subway

After a cold, snowy walk across the South Side that included a discussion of the "Wheel of Fish" game show from the film "UHF", I hunkered down at the Beehive to write some code and sip tea. Soon enough, I remembered there was a hockey game on I wanted to see shortly, and I was at least 20 minutes on foot from home 5 minutes before the game.

While it took me a minute or two because I needed a new plugin, I proceeded to open a browser and watch the game on TV, legitimately, in its entirety. Atypical for me, yes. Of course, I stopped to consider this later. Likely, using my iPhone I could have watched it online, as well.

For much of the time I worked at CMU I commuted from Westmoreland County. A bus trip lasted about an hour including the walk to the bus, and generally disrupted online work, and indeed any internet usage until the final years I had at CMU. Now, things have advanced to the point where I likely could have watched that game on the bus ride.

In the late 90s, I watched a lot of TV, and I drove 30000 miles a year. Today, I watch far less TV, and my car will get somewhere between 8000 and 13000 miles in a year, I bet. While it's not the case that the direction I am going is necessarily the right one, I do wonder what the world will be like when as the telephone is, the television becomes ubiquitous.
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