Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

The hill was empty as I biked up. I'd missed the previous day, the one with hundreds of people. In the quiet of the morning, I remembered scattered moments from the weekend. Of the compliments offered, some felt more deserved than others, even if I was certain none of them were insincere.

The street was covered with powder: apparently the city had salted overnight as a hedge against freezing roads. As I struggled up the hill, I couldn't help but compare myself against the unseen riders. I was slow. I was doing just one hill. But had they needed to worry about spinning out on the salt?

This wasn't a competition, though. Their accomplishments didn't degrade mine. In spite of my seeming inability to push myself to the next level, only a small group of people could even do this.

I can look around me and see so many people doing so much positive with their lives, and yet, I feel like I am at the bounds of what I can do today.

But maybe that's enough, for now. Life isn't a competition.
Tags: cycling, transition
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