Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

And I went down to the demonstration to get my fair share of abuse

Things which I wanted to be doing this weekend:
-working the amateur radio safety net for the buggy races at CMU Spring Carnival
-setting up (and tearing down) lighting and sound gear for events at same

Things I am doing this weekend:
-driving across Pennsylvania twice
-taking a train to New York and back from Trenton

Extra insults:
-forgot my extra clothing and toiletries at home
-train I was originally booked on on the way was annulled
-wanted to save time notably for the return trip by flying and could only do it by spending twice the normal cost of the trip including mileage, business-class railfare and a night of hotel, or if you prefer to look at it that way, I could only do it by spending more than my spur of the moment 28 hour trip to London to see a play twice cost, including air, hotel, the 2 play tickets, and a 70ukp cab ride so I could sleep a night and still get to the play on time ($861 versus about $840)

As the overage would have been out of pocket I ended up deciding it wasn't worth $450 to get back about 2 hours earlier.
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