Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

What is my reaction, what should it be? Confronted by this latest atrocity...

Checklist for bailing on CMU:
-Wage replacement: salary, plus cost of maintaining benefits if not provided, plus cost of cable modem, minus cost of parking. (Potentially flexible but it remains to be decided how flexible.)
-Figure out what to do with colo box somewhere? Will probably suck to keep AFS cell.
-Right now I have a small pool of static IP addresses at home. Can I buy VPN service with routable addresses somewhere? For how much? What if I provide my own class C?
-Confirm I can keep my andrew account. (We have claimed in the past this is true and there is precedent.)
-See if a consulting arrangement with Computing Services can be had; Not even for the money, I'm willing to help for free when needed in exchange for benefits of affiliation. I have had no problem with this in the past but the Information Security Office doesn't like such things; I'd have been happy, for instance, with stalkingmsd continuing to have some powers.
-Pull a Kevin Martin and start by taking a sabbatical (6 months unpaid leave), then resign if it pans out.
-Come up with money to replace current laptop, or see if it can be purchased from CMU.

I wonder what I'm not thinking of.

No, this isn't a plan to put into practice yet, but I'm considering something which if I do it should result in me being ready with one.
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