Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Sometimes I think I was a little bit crazy

Today's bike ride on the Yough River Trail (a.k.a. the ex-Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad) was 28 miles, round trip. My plan had been Boston to Sutersville and return (20 miles) but by Sutersville, I felt pretty good, and figured it was only a few more miles to West Newton, where there was a store convenient to the trail.

Turns out it was 4 more miles. No big deal. Picked up a couple bottles of the Diet Coke with Splenda, chugged one, and headed back north (railroad west). I was tired when I got back to the car, but really, I think I have more pain from the root canal (and that's almost none).

Also discovered a neighbor from one street down using the trail. He was gone when I got back. I guess he isn't hard core ;)
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