Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

It feeds the rich while it buries the poor

Today began with a minor hotel snafu, and ended with a trip to visit the Hornsteins where I failed to get a bike rack, but crushed Ken at an Avalon Hill Civil War game whose title I have already forgotten.

In the middle, however, was a lot of interesting stuff:
-Ashburn, VA is a giant suburb. Huge. Yuck.
-Breakfast is hard to find in the suburbs.
-My employers' main office? It's a townhouse. Literally. Like, in the middle of a row of residences.
-Lunch was Vietnamese, and pretty good.
-Dinner was Greek, and also good.
-It was also right by the W&OD Rail trail,
-which after getting my coworker back to the hotel, I biked 12.5 miles round trip of (from near Ashburn to west of Leesburg)

Other things:
-The Dulles Airport Toll Road is useful but not cheap.
-My car needs to be realigned again.
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