Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

I'll salute the New Wave

It's been an inverted week. I've been working at night and doing other stuff during the day. And I've spent a disproportionate amount of time at je2i and thwomp's house in Greentree, and almost none in Trafford. Earlier in the week thwomp told me I was no longer a guest here as I'd been here too much. I guess that's true. I've still been sleeping in Trafford, though.

In between working I bought $1200 worth of replacement cabinetry for my kitchen, saw Grey Eye Glances at Jammin Java in Vienna, VA with rmitz, his friend Jenny, and shoebox_bird before returning home and going to this as well as the Luke Swank, Modernist Photographer and Frank Lloyd Wright exhibits, both of which were interesting (the Swank exhibit perhaps a bit moreso than the Wright exhibit, if only because the Wright works they focused on weren't my favorites).

I also started moving my layout planning stuff into a new wiki, which I probably don't have much more time to touch now.

Oh, and in my continuing realization of being wrong: turns out SG-1 is a good show. It would be easier to be decisive if I didn't keep getting knocked on my ass, but, eh. If this is as bad as it is, I can't really complain. There's really only one or two things "wrong" in my life.
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