Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

The lights went out, the oil ran dry; We blamed it on the other guy

Life has its ups and downs. I spent all afternoon flailing at work and not making progress. In the late afternoon I decided I needed to eat, because the lack of blood sugar was making me sad, and so I did. Maya, Sam and I went to Primanti's in Oakland, and I ate my probably one meal for the day, and felt human again for a bit.

Seeing a little light, I wandered over to Rook yard and lo, was there a matched set of Wheeling and Lake Erie locomotives waiting to go west... which they did as I got there, when I promptly discovered I was lacking on thing: my camera. This was akin to my kitchen experience last week when I got most of my new floor in, and promptly christened it with a bottle of lingonberry juice concentrate. (The kitchen, incidentally, is much closer to done, but I am now stuck until Home Despot gets the last cabinet I need. Then I need to cut countertop, get the sink in, and hang the last 2 wall cabinets, and can move on to other house finishing and sell it.)

Now I'm at the Beehive with je2i and thwomp, continuing to not get any work done. Today's observation: Nick's Fat City will reopen as Diesel, having nothing to do with the one in Boston (which is unfortunate, and at the same time I welcome the venue back).

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