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Because it has come up a few times in the last few days, the song list from when I was a guest DJ at CD101 in February. They did record me, but I lack a handy tape deck at the moment to dub to mp3.

  • U2 - The Refugee - 3:40 (War, 1983) - Just a forgotten song from "War", I dedicated this one to my ex-coworker and friend Bill O'Malley.

  • She Wants Revenge - Monologue - 4:56 (She Wants Revenge, 2005) The influence of The Cure on these guys is apparent (to me anyway) in this track.

  • Third Eye Blind - Train in Vain - 3:16 (Burning London: The Clash Tribute, 1999) This album was done for charity with Joe Strummer's involvement. (online here)

  • Ben Weasel - True Heart of Love - 2:10 (Fidatevi, 2002) - The Italian title 'Fidatevi' translates to: Trust In Yourself/Trust In Each Other. This certainly seems far calmer than anything which he's worked on before, and a long way from his "Ramones wannabe" roots

  • The Clash - Sound of Sinners - 4:01 (Sandinista!, 1980) Some argue the triple album "Sandinista!" release was too ambitious and contained too much filler, but there are some forgotten gems, like this song, something you wouldn't expect from the Clash, almost more reminiscent of something you might have heard from Simon & Garfunkel. I think I said it was a quadruple album on the air. Oops.

  • The Living Things - Bom Bom Bom - 3:06 (Ahead of the Lions, 2005) originally on the Turn in Your Friends and Neighbors EP. I seem cursed not to see them. They were supposed to be in Columbus the night before my show. Not so much.

  • The Bravery - Out of Line - 3:04 (The Bravery, 2005) - the post-new-wave sound of these guys is really great, and they've caught on around the world; They were in Asia just a couple months before I caught them with Depeche Mode at Madison Square Garden December 7.

  • The Ramones - Commando - 1:44 (Leaving Home, 1977) - just a forgotten punk anthem from their sophomore effort

  • Jane's Addiction - Summertime Rolls - 6:16 (Nothing's Shocking, 1988) - In February as tonight it's simply too damn cold. Where's summer? Stupid groundhog...

  • White Stripes - Hypnotise - 1:44 (Elephant, 2003) - Has the same influences as "Fell in Love with a Girl", but it's a little different.

  • The Police - Secret Journey - 3:34 (Ghost in the Machine, 1981) I'd argue this album, which looks at things which were negative about the way the world was going, is the best Police album, and this song is probably Sting at his most Zen.

  • Wallflowers - Everybody Out Of The Water - 3:42 (Red Letter Days, 2002) - just a good honest rock & roll song with a hard driving beat.

  • Siouxsie and the Banshees - Painted Bird - 4:16 (A Kiss in the Dreamhouse, 1982) - perhaps the least experimental track from the album from their experimentation phase; This is the live version from Nocturne.

  • The Arcade Fire - I'm Sleeping in a Submarine - 2:47 (a self-released EP from 2003, before they were signed... later rereleased) - leading from Painted Bird directly into this one is interesting; We ended up with a commercial liner between the 2, but if you have 'em both handy, listen to them together.

And apropos of nothing, I had a crazy idea at dinner tonight: mango mousse. Google suggests I am not the first person with this idea, but now that my kitchen is sort of useful again I may try it; I suspect it will be good. All sympathy to twitch124 about the mango sensitivity, though in the grand scheme of things there are things I think I'd miss far more if I couldn't eat them, like, let's say, dairy products.

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