Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Straight as a razor, kicking up dust

Yesterday was a bit hectic, between 2 Post Office runs in the morning to get people's eBay winnings out to them before I left, and then a late departure from Oakland for a 2pm flight, but I made it.

IAD: still sucks
middle seats on planes: really sucks
lack of power in United's Airbus A319s: is this 1990 or something?
Live105: not nearly as good as CD101
my rental Solara: less fun than the Sebring, but was up to my, um, driving speeds on 101 last night

I got to embarass myself on ts4z's Twilight Zone pinball table, too, and try to do some minor cleanup on the OpenAFS 1.4.1 release from the weekend.

Then sleep, and on to work. As I drove the 2 miles from Menlo Park to Stanford this overcast morning, I was sad that I left my bike home and thus had to drive here. Amusingly, it seems like there is an answer to every problem.
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