Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

You've already seen that the fallen are the virtuous among us

Memorial Day has come and gone. It was a beautiful weekend; I had intended to go out for some pictures for a while, but when I did have a free hour, I went somewhere where no trains passed me, and then never got back to it. So it goes sometimes.

I also managed to refresh my clamshell iBook, pat_rieger's iBook, and have parts for Suzanne K's iBook if she ends up still caring, thanks to Noah H's castoff from before he moved back to Hawaii a couple weeks ago.

In a free moment I reflected on the holiday; While my own political philosophy has moved steadily leftward over time, I can't boil military service down to warmongering. Maybe that's oversimplification, but a snarky remark from a relative about a graduate in uniform when my sister graduated makes me ask if the world is really that black and white. My mother's father, as well as her mother's brothers, fought in WW2, her uncles unknowingly on the same beach at Normandy on D-Day, in fact. Would that all lives lost in combat or as a result of it were not lost in vain.

Then last night I had planned to work on my kitchen, but that collapsed, and I spent the last half hour of "happy hour" at the Harris Grill getting happy, damnit. It took a lot of effort to get happy in a half hour, by which I mean I didn't enjoy my tasty beverages as much as I might have otherwise, but several pints of East End's work, a Lindemann's Framboise and a Yuengling passed through my lips over the course of the evening. And then a nap, Boondock Saints, sleep, and back to work. Again, so it goes.

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