Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

And the rain came in from the wide blue yonder

Last Wednesday, at short last my one year old this Thursday PowerBook was ceremoniously replaced by something a wee bit more useful.

Between Q and Parallels Desktop my plan is to emulate (well, more properly, virtualize) as many OSes as possible so I can do parallel development for work. Sadly, Solaris seems to behave badly. Solaris 9 x86 fails (Parallels blows up; Q won't boot beyond the second stage loader) and Solaris 11 (Nevada) installs completely and then the installed copy doesn't boot in Parallels. I need to try Q. FreeBSD 6.1 installed. You can't virtualize MacOS, sadly, which is the one I want badly. Windows XP is simple.

Thursday, I fled, because Friday I was visiting Bethlehem Steel (no, I wasn't bored, incidentally. I was, however, rather tired by the time we got to the Blast Furnaces, and when we left I promptly went and had every beer Bethlehem Brew Works offered, before returning for the night session). We didn't get to see as much as was planned, and it didn't turn out quite right, but oh my, I would do that again in a minute. Even 10+ years out, the industrial might of the site, a place where so much was made for so long, even recently in facilities which were basically obsolete, was apparent. My pictures will be online soon enough.

On my return Sunday, caught the last day of Squonk Opera's Pittsburgh: The Opera. Good. For $5, great.

Today, it's back to the grind. Had a breakthrough before I left the Beehive earlier, and then another burst of motivation once I got home. A lot of work over the last day, but it's nice to be a bit ahead, if only briefly.

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