Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Life is a circus for fools just like you and me

MacOS X programs have this nice thing going for them. They have emacs-style keybindings in the text entry fields. That means the sequences I've used for years with my editor, my shell, etc, just work. Control-e goes to the end of the line, control-a to the beginning, and so on. Made using Safari really, really nice, because editing in the address bar as well as any text entry fields in browser pages was "correct".

Well, then I switched to Firefox, and was sad. Then I figured out how to fix it, and was annoyed, but happy. Then I took an update, and was sad. Likewise changing laptops.

So last night I got annoyed enough to figure I wanted an extension, and found a vim keybindings extension, so I did the same for emacs.
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