Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Turn it inside out so I can see

The past couple weeks have been nearly crushingly busy. Let's see.

I picked up some books. One of them, Crisis in Bethlehem is a decent read. It's strikingly similar to "And the Wolf Finally Came": plenty of blame for everyone. The casualty is as usual the low men on the totem pole, though really, consider that all that's left in Bethlehem of the steel mill is Lehigh Heavy Forge, really. A lot of jobs gone. Likewise, Johnstown was getting a continuous caster which was mostly done when it was stopped, and while there are a few things left there, there isn't much.

Two weekends ago I went with jalexlang to the Station Inn, where we put in a weekend of photographing rooms, and then wandered out to watch trains. Sunday we came home via Johnsonburg and the Quiet Storm.

Life continued apace for the week, with Bacon Night Tuesday, An Inconvenient Truth Wednesday (wow, I'm already going most of what they suggest), Happy Hour with shareandenjoy Thursday, culminating in
Rasputina at the Rex Theater Friday.

Pirate party Saturday.

Viewing Sunday, funeral Monday.

A trip to scenic Beaver County Tuesday, followed by some movement on the kitchen front, finally.

Lastly Pittsburgh Irish & Classical Theater's "Boston Marriage" tonight... which was excellent. Too bad the Thai dinner I meant to have before turned into (merely ok) sushi, since Thai Place isn't anymore.

Tomorrow, on to New York via Bethlehem, where the new seasonal is a Cassis!


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