Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Yes it feels so good to be alive

Warning: I am currently on the trashed side, he says, as he tips the glass of Bethlehem Cassis to his face.

This evening I wandered down to SoHo to see Who Killed the Electric Car? at the Angelika Film Center New York. Before the previews even finished I knew I hadn't been to The Oaks enough recently.

I found the movie predictably maddening, despite the fact that I felt they had exaggerated certain facts. And if I felt that way, you know someone who was less informed in those areas was probably livid. The annoying thing is not that. The annoying thing is the fucks who are wearing blinders, pretending that things are fine and the world is in no trouble at all. I'm glad I'm not in any danger of being a parent. Even knowing "An Inconvenient Truth" was probably a little sensationalist, knowing what of it is either likely or fact I have no hope for the future of this planet, despite my intent to not stop trying. A parting comment in the movie, about people being expected to "live like Europeans" give me the momentary thought that I should give up and move there, except it offers no chance of isolating myself from the continuing environmental stupid in this hemisphere... so why bother?

secureendpoints called me after the New York Liberty finished losing, and after I lost on uptown N/R service and walked a half mile to catch a 1 line train to the West Side, we had dinner at Westside Brewing Co, where having not eaten for many hours I perhaps stupidly started with a 9% ABV rye ale. With my meal, I continued with a raspberry wheat beer. Looking out the window, I observed that if SoHo is fashionable, the West Side borders on frumpy, and was no less sad. And so, having eaten, here I am. Walking back, I realized my judgment sensor was compromised when I thought about things like clotheslining the biker who whistled at me to get me to stop walking so he could bike against the light across me, or screaming back at the person who was asking for money.

If I say anything in the next couple hours, don't you believe it...

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