Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

And you may ask yourself Where is that large automobile?

I spent a week in (and around) San Francisco for WWDC '06; What I can tell you is I have a preview copy of Leopard, that on Wednesday we met with a number of Apple engineers to find out things we'd need to support OpenAFS into the future, and then on Thursday had another informal meeting before the beer bash at 1 Infinite Loop. Unlike previous years, there was no band, sadly, and due to lack of advance planning the convertible we rented for the trip down the coast (via the just-reopened Devil's Slide section of the Pacific Coast Highway, Skyline Blvd, and CA 17) was a red PT Cruiser. That worked out fine, actually, and really, the meetings went well enough that I wonder if perhaps they went too well.

While I didn't get to go for Tibetan or Morrocan I did hit a Thai place after midnight with mrdeviant and 21st Amendment brewpub with eriktheplaid, who I hadn't seen in years prior, after an abortive attempt to meet the night before at Zeitgeist, which is a story unto itself.

While I have come home to nothing, I did have a nice ethiopian dinner and see the Crucible outdoors in a park... it's almost like living in a real city. Well. I almost live in it.

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