Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Tellin' riddles in the dark With fireflies under the moonlight

My MO for LiveJournal is that of an RSS aggregator, though most of the RSS content comes from LJ itself. Nonetheless, one of the external feeds I picked up recently is Steve Munro's (mostly Toronto transit related) weblog.

Recently he noted a piece from the Beeb done by a member of the currently-minority UK Tory party... you remember, Margaret Thatcher's party, extolling the virtues of transit oriented development as you'd find in Portland, OR. They're looking for examples worldwide of things they think should be emulated, and remember, this is their conservative party.

There's nothing I can really say here that isn't cliche, so I won't. But as in the last couple weeks I have seen outbound congestion on the Parkway East at or even before noon, and I still haven't managed to move, yes, I'm thinking about this stuff.

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