Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

My mate Bill Gates says it

I've been a MacBook Pro user for a while now. Having portable hardware which is virtualizable and thus runs a network of virtual machines has proven tremendously useful for work, and carrying XP with me is occasionally good for amusement.

However, there are a couple things which are annoying.

1) No touchpad driver source. Why do I care? Because there are apparently multiple sensors under the single mouse button, which the hardware distinguishes... and there's no exposed UI to do anything with this, though I have heard some interesting rumors. Look, if the mighty mouse can be used as a multibutton, why is it at all a problem to give me what I want, or the source I need to just do it myself?

2) My power cord is burning-hot to the touch. I bet I need to wait until it melts before I won't just be told there's no problem, and then, I'll bet it will be that "I broke it".

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