Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

I'm gonna send a little rain to pour down on you

While this week hasn't been quite crushing, and I made some forward progress on a number of fronts (some as a result of learning more than I cared to about Apache internals) it's "that time of the month" again and so yesterday I made the trip to New York. I went via Maryland to pick up a friend, and no sooner did I get past Frederick than the rain started. It relented slightly in New Jersey, which was fraught with its own misery. On the plus side, the Iron Hill Brewery in Newark, DE, did provide a nice stopover for dinner, their hand-pumped cask special was excellent (a stout) and open wireless enabled me to easily spend 5 minutes handling something for another client.

I wish, though, that I were not driving. They're doing Caribbean beer dinners every night in September. That would have been a welcome break.

Articulation is a PalmOS VoIP (SIP, in this case) client. Combined with a Treo 700's EVDO, it should make a nice IP phone, for those pesky international calls... which I never make. Probably not worth the 20 UKP to me.

mOcean is an audio player with an iPod like UI for PalmOS. Great. Still has the same problem an iPod does for me. I have 165gb of music. A 4gb SD card won't cut it.

iRobot Dirt Dog is basically a Roomba shop vac. Looks neat, but I can't imagine I do that much "shop" work.

It's almost like I'm being cured of my geekdom. All sorts of stuff I don't see the point of getting for myself, neat or not.

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