Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

When the zetas fill the skies, Will our leaders tell us why

Today on livejournal roundup...

Lesse. Electoral vote suggests, at least at the moment, the House will not change hands, though the Senate will turn into a dead heat. Thanks to freeptop for this one.

tubecity points out that the media is printing the usual Terry Madonna quotes about the upcoming elections. (There's a PA Wiki?). In addition to making me sigh, this just reminds me I'm old.

Maybe I can find some solace with a good book? Maybe not...

I failed to go out and take pictures of Amtrak during their detour, but let's just say I already suggested the highway occupancy permit wasn't called for. Maybe now it will finally be revoked. I do find it amusing that the Kilbuck solicitor (hey, he has no financial self-interest, right? I mean, it's not like his pay is guaranteed by the additional tax revenues...) said the unqualified landscape architect's objections counted for nothing... dude, sure looks like he was more qualified than those "engineers", huh?

Well, on the plus side, new Weird Al video (thanks macgirlie... and Google has discovered Pittsburgh's flying buses (new route to work, jalexlang?)

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