Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

It's no secret ambition bites the nails of success

While I have a jumble of thoughts from the Mexico trip, just now I'm not thinking about it. I *am* thinking about being around, and about getting around.

On Monday I saw Kasabian at Mr Smalls. Good show, but the thing that stands out from Monday was wandering into Dave's Music Mine to pick up my ticket, and seeing Dave.

I graduated from Central Catholic in 1991 with him, and probably haven't seen him for 14 years. We chatted briefly about music retail, and I do need to get back and have a drink with him. But the week rolls on, and I have a lot to do.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go out biking for a bit. It was lightly raining most of the way, but I made the best of it. I had not previously used either the Ft Pitt or Ft Duquesne Bridges while biking, but after a discussion the other day about the work being done on the Hot Metal Bridge to finally open the bike/pedestrian span and connect it to the Eliza Furnace trail, I had these connections on my mind, so I decided to try them. Starting from the trail access at S. 18th St, I rode up to the incline and over the Ft Pitt, then Ft Duquesne Bridges, up to Millvale, and then reverse. The Ft Duquesne Bridge has hints that the sidewalk is to be ued for bikes. The Ft Pitt sidewalk is narrower and offers no such hints, plus you must use about 2 blocks of sidewalk to get from the Station Square entrance drive to the point where the bridge ramp starts. Well, I suppose as long as it's not a busy day, it won't matter. 16 miles, but it does open many more possibilities. Maybe this will address that issue, and then a 30 mile or so bike tour along the rivers should be pretty easy.

And in the process last night of getting help from my brother when I found after blowing a tire that I had no wrench, it came out that he is the engineer on site for the cleanup of the mess in Kilbuck Township. There's a job I wouldn't want.

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