Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

What can I make myself be?

On Saturday, I visited the Andy Warhol to see the Squonkwerks film. Quite unintentionally this opened an opportunity to see the "Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race" exhibit I wanted to see (on Eugenics, with a focus on Nazi Germany). It also meant a stop for lunch at the Warhol Cafe, which is a big Burrito dig. I feel compelled to point out that Campbell's Soup is not on the menu at the Warhol, and I feel this is a wrong which must be righted.

Leaving, jumbled in my train of thought was that of Andy's life: He apparently lived at 1342 Lexington Avenue which perhaps at the time did not mean making it as big as it would no doubt today... (and as a side note I want the Starts and Fits map generator. Hm.) but also the fact that he eschewed Pittsburgh, and now his effects had come back here for people like me to wander in and reflect on, hundreds of miles and in a considerably different atmosphere than the one he'd spent much of his life in.

Anyway, day turned to evening, and I finished the day at Ceremony for the last night at the Upstage. In the midst of a packed dance floor with the Clash blaring at me for a second or three I considered my life and the city I was in and was quite happy. That turned to a thought of "but when is the next time I will be in the middle of a packed dance floor with the Clash blaring at me, in this city..." and then I just put the whole thing out of my head, and enjoyed the evening like a normal person. (Bloc Party's "Banquet" was also a nice touch even if it seemed rather out of place)

You're all no doubt tired of me saying the same thing again and again, and thinking "just leave already". I did enjoy train watching at Berea Tower followed by a nice meal at the (probably now closed) all-organic Parker's Restaurant followed by a (sadly uncrowded) 80s night in Cleveland just last week. But, well, it just ain't the same.

In the grand scheme of things, I guess it is all very simple. At the beginning of 2006 I said "may it end better than it began." Last night I ended 2006 at a party with a hundred or so friends.

It did.

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