Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

The pavement's cold and empty

I had been in Virginia (Leesburg and Ashburn) for the company meeting the last few days. As I made my return I decided to test the "Sprint data roaming on Verizon" theory by going via Cumberland and Uniontown. It worked. However, I also decided to follow the railroad for a bit, and did so, going from Hancock to Paw Paw, WV the hard way. Yeah. I should in fact wash the car now.

Anyway, a sign about "entering redneck country" along the otherwise-desolate not-quite-road I used past the one occupied dwelling (it's mostly summer cottages) reminded me of the bleak view of the future presented by Children of Men, which I saw last weekend.

The music definitely fit the mood of the film, from the use of Mahler in the score to the Beatles at a point where they fit well, and Lennon during the credits. Also, as I watched, I realized something about myself, or, more notably, my beliefs.

The government was offensive, but, I took that for granted, because I'm cynical. I didn't like it and I wasn't sympathetic to them. I just expected it. The opposition, on the other hand, was everything I hate about people I am typically aligned with politically. Yes, your cause is important. Great. That doesn't make it ok to force sacrifice on people. Depending on how far you go down this path, you become no better than what you oppose. The thing is, this thing isn't representative of a majority of such people, it's just enough to be a problem. It just pisses me off. In any case, I think I need to read the book. The world represented is horrific, and the people in it seemed numb to it. I hope we never get there, and again cynically I think to some extent we *are there*.

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