Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Couldn't walk down that line

The curse of being in flyover territory. Bloc Party and Snow Patrol are both going to be touring the U.S. this month. Neither is coming close enough to be helpful and basically everything is sold out so even if I were able to take the time to go elsewhere I probably shouldn't because I'd have to get above face value tickets. I'm rather frustrated by it all.

When I'm not working I've been fighting with GIS tools. I'm trying to overlay a map of J&L Steel's Pittsburgh Works over some Pittsburgh maps; It'd be useful to do the same with the PennPilot pictures. It's been done but with tools that cost far too much for me; Probably the only answer is GRASS but it would be helpful to find a forum to talk about this sort of stuff. I guess the issue is isolation, and I feel a bit of that in other sectors of life at the moment, too.

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