Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Take me out of these walls

In my "spare time" I am trying to understand the history of Pittsburgh's South Side. There's a family connection to the area, so to speak, but it was also the hub of the steel industry in the city as well as interesting in various other ways.

After some initial trouble finding information I've been finding things in spurts, including:

  • Various pictures of note which have shown up in the Pitt Digital Library.

  • The South Side file in the photo archive at the Carnegie reappeared.

  • A friend of mine told me his photos from when he worked in the steel mill are now at Pitt's Archives Service Center, and they're going to let me come peruse it in a week or so.

  • Google Books actually has government reports scanned. I downloaded one and would pick up a couple more that matter, except, they're blocking it. What. The. F. It's a government document. They're not asserting copyright precluding me from seeing a digital copy of a document from 1950. Obviously you have a mechanism to allow books to be downloaded if they're in the public domain. It's a government document. Fix your metadata and let me have the damn book!

In any case, I'm learning. I wonder if someday this will be fodder to write a book, and if so, who the heck is going to read it?

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