Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Your mother calls us misfits; It doesn't bother you one bit

I'll be back in CA for WWDC in June. My travel is booked.

Today, I looked at the Interpol tour schedule. They play Shoreline on 6/9. I arrive on 6/9... too late.

They're playing Chicago 6/3, which I could conceivably get to, except for the "sold out" and "I'm poor" parts.

So I guess you can add this to Arcade Fire, Snow Patrol, Muse/MCR (though I had a ticket for that, and they cancelled)...

I need to find a rich benefactor who takes me to shows. Or a similarly wealthy one with better timing than me (the Chicago show was $30 before it sold out)

*edit: I speculatively bought a $30 ticket to BFD 2007 at Shoreline, and if I can't manage to change my reservation I will try to fly standby that morning or change my reservation. Of course if I change it, I will need to figure out where I can stay Friday night, and if I fly standby, I have this problem of "where does my luggage go while I am at Shoreline"...


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