Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

I don't want any pushing, and I don't want any shoving.

Last Wednesday, I took the day off. After failing to get a bus to stop, I walked all 23 blocks to the Station Square subway station, then walked in a light rain from Wood St to the History Center, and did research.

When I ran out of pictures to look at, I walked out and got poured on as I caught a 54C to Oakland. Several more hours reading 1959 newspapers at the Carnegie Library, then a 54C to the South Side. Aside from my failure to bring an umbrella, not needing to drive worked out well. The next day I used a 54C to go to Geek Night (and a Zipcar at the end of the evening to go deliver someone's ebay winnings).

Friday morning I got up, and noticed something weird. So I looked harder. This (well, sans the jersey barriers, which were added around 2pm, just before this was taken) is what I saw.

By Monday night, this is what it looked like. The claim is in 2 weeks there will be something open again. I hope so. Heavy traffic plus crippled bus service in a season which is not overly bike-friendly is not much fun.

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