Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

And I bought a little cottage In a neighborhood serene

It's rare that I remember my dreams. Last night, clearly, I was in a car with someone and we drove into Baltimore. I remember being on a broad boulevard, which got narrower and then hilly, and we then picked our way through neighborhoods, heading towards Jones Falls. My goal was to head down into the valley and past the old roundhouse and the trolley museum as a backroad to downtown. But we failed, missing by a few blocks, and ended up diverting to I-83.

That's all I remember.

Between starting to watch H:LotS again, a reminder from the Baltimore Museum of Industry, and reading on a Clipper City Brewing bottle that they do tours, I get the idea I should plan a trip to Baltimore soon. Maybe get some Afghani food while I'm there, too.
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