Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

We are, we are, we're just children; finding our way around indecision

A side conversation at PodCamp Pittsburgh 3 brought out part of the Pittsburgh story which is seldom heard. The aging of the local population and the loss of talent as people leave to pursue opportunities elsewhere has been widely reported, but the growth which has happened here thanks to the people who stayed has been largely ignored.
Pittsburgh stands on the cusp of becoming a much younger city. The challenge we face is that of continuing to grow, hopefully keeping more local talent local. To that end, creating a self-sustaining local economy of this talent is an obvious path forward, but we face the issue of discovering the talents of others and how we might collaborate in our ventures. Networking events and word of mouth when your "mouth" is the internet are great aids in this path, but we have the opportunity to do more.

Now is the time to put the pieces together to make sure we can rely on each other to aid in our ventures as we build the next generation of the tech economy in Pittsburgh. It's just a matter of finding the right pieces to connect the right people.
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