Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

It must be hard with your head on backwards

Yesterday, Justin Kownacki posted some thoughts about Twitter and blogging, which caused me to start thinking, again, about how I was sharing and recording my thoughts. Then, last night when twitch124 mentioned a concert I'd been loosely wondering if I could make, the rest of the details ended up falling into place.

Most Livejournal users remember how following SixApart's layoffs there was widespread fear of LJ's collapse. Like many others, I ran a script to archive my Livejournal. Not strictly a blog, nor exactly a journal, Livejournal has still filled a niche in my life, and I hope to not need to replace it. At the same time, Twitter has opened a new door, one which has let me connect and reconnect especially with many other Pittsburghers with interests similar to mine, as well as opened the door for new friendships and opportunities. Like Livejournal it's not blogging, but in some sense it's even further away. Given their current business model, it's probably also less permanent.

I've never much cared for services which just mirror Twitter to Livejournal, but in the sense of wanting permanence, and more importantly, external comment, perhaps they are wise. At the same time, spamming everyone following with a post a day doesn't seem fair or right. There's an obvious compromise, though.

My plan is to either start using or write a service which will mirror Twitter to a protected post. The goal is not the protect the comment; It's to allow it to be filtered. If you'd like to read my tweets, comment here. I'll add you to the group when I set things up.
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