Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

The busy time of year

This happens every year. I get about this far into the year, and then everything happens. This weekend I need only to go to my parents' house to celebrate my brother's birthday (belatedly). Maybe I'll have enough "free time" that I can go scan maps in State College tomorrow.

Next weekend is Carnival. I don't hate Carnival as much as I used to, but I usually manage to see approximately no one I know, and do nothing exciting. At least I promised to drag my butt in and do radio coverage during the buggy races, so I have to go regardless.

The next weekend is also a lull, I guess, but Friday I need to return to New York City for the day.

I wish I remembered what I was supposed to be doing the weekend after that.

The weekend after that I'll be in Essington (by Philadelphia International Airport) for the PRRT&HS annual meeting.

The week after, I turn 30. I think whatever I was specifically planning for that weekend fell through. In any case, I didn't get tickets for the Fleetwood Mac concert on my birthday. Maybe I should have. All the good seats are doubtless gone now, and I won't have any discretionary money for a few weeks anyway.

Then, it's back to New York again, possibly followed by a trip to Montreal.

The weekend after is the 3rd Pittsburgh Scully Marathon, which I urgently need to do some more planning for. I also need to decide if I'm going to leave when it's done and immediately head to New York for their marathon. I'm not sure.

This year doesn't seem to be as action-packed as the last 2. I wonder what that means.

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