Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Wednesday started with a trip to the Latrobe,
where we ate lunch at Disalvo's Restaurant (whichever fish dish I had was tasty), and then proceeded to the Latrobe Area Historical Society, where I scanned pictures for the archivist of the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum (he perused, I scanned). Someone from the Derry Area Historical Society showed up, and after a false start (we found more stuff to scan) we went to New Derry and visited the log home where the Derry Area society has their offices. Less to scan there. We finished up there, and after being dropped off at home, I picked up my mother and headed to Station Square to see Jackson Browne, Steve Earle and Keb' Mo'. The 3 of them came out at the beginning and did a few songs for the "early arrivals", then Steve Earle and his band came out and did a set. There was a break while the stage was rearranged, and then Keb' Mo' did a set; Then Jackson Browne did his set. The whole concert was 3 and a half hours, but it seemed to go by too fast, and I somewhat expected Jackson Browne would have played The Loadout/Stay at the end (he didn't). Still, next time he comes, maybe I can go again.

Thursday night after work I drove to Trenton, so Friday morning I could be on a train to New York. Aside from a minor Amtrak ticketing snafu which was my own fault and easily corrected, it went well... until they said, oops, it was Monday you were supposed to be here. Luckily they didn't ask me to live with their mistake, so I just need to be near a phone on Monday. Took the train back, got in the car, and headed west. Traffic moved quickly, and I decided to branch at Harrisburg and head to State College. Got there about 9, picked up 10 half-gallons of ice cream, some cheese and some yogurt (the creamery employees thought I was nuts) and headed home. Considerable road work between there and here, including a temporary roadway where route 22 is being widened on Laurel Mountain where they're sending all traffic through behind "pilot vehicles" ("Follow Me"). Luckily, late at night it doesn't matter.

Yesterday I let the vacuum suck and the mower mow. Then I decided it was time to deal with the areas the mower won't cut, and got a cordless weed whacker. Yay. Still, anyone for robotic weed whacker?

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