Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

So send a smile, we’re on our way back home

I started replying to Abby's blog entry about going beyond the call, and rapidly came to the point where the comment was as long as the post! I guess that's a sign I should be blogging myself. Without further ado:

I still remember on a particularly snowy and very cold day, waiting in Forest Hills for a 67F which was apparently running behind, an off-duty driver stopped and picked me up, then made a few more stops down Ardmore Blvd picking up people. "The Trafford's running behind schedule"... he was returning to the garage, and I recall getting off at Penn and Dallas or something for the remainder of the trip on whatever came next, but it was still a great thing.

A comparable experience: on a cold windy day, at the top of the Seattle counterbalance on Queen Anne hill, some problem had caused the bus line to not be running. A route supervisor came by and told us. We must have looked pathetic as he asked if we thought we could all stuff into his van. We did. A couple older ladies sat in the like 2 seats, and the remainder of us, including stuntviolist and our late friend Don Galt(*) stood, holding the ceiling and each other with our hands so as not to fall as we were driven back down to where we could find a bus again.

I bet both of these were one of those things you could get in trouble for, so I said nothing. How do you offer kudos when you know it might get someone disciplined, or fired?

Anyway, it's nice to have occasions where life interactions are more than simply what's required; what you can do, instead of merely what you must.


* Don was the reason I was at the counterbalance, and indeed why I know of it. He also merits a blog entry. Would that I had more time to write it. Maybe soon I'll write it anyway.

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