Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

And my mind, askew, lost and unpacked

I was a rotten kid. At the same time, it's how I fell into the engineering mentality, which for better or for worse is definitely a marketable skill.

Several times over recent months, people have pointed out that there are things I do simply because I don't like being told I can't have or do something. That's true. I view it as an opportunity denied. If there's an opportunity, I'd like it too, even if I choose not to exercise it.

As a kid, as a consequence of whatever, sometimes (probably often) fairly, sometimes unfairly, I ended up getting punished for whatever. Inevitably this involved being sent off to contemplate whatever instead of doing something more enjoyable.

For me, well, ok, did (whatever) wrong. Got it. Now what?

I haven't managed to invent a time machine yet, so lacking a way to fix it, I can't say as I've ever particularly fancied whiling away the time. You told me I can't do X? I'll follow the letter of what you said. You said nothing about Y or Z. Perhaps Y and Z add up, circumspect, to what X would have been. Not my problem. If you want me to sit around bored, what exactly do you expect I'm going to do? Think about what I did? Yup. Did that. Now what?

So when I pick something up, look at it, turn it over, take it apart, try to find a way to do it differently, better, whatever... being told "no" is how it started, because "no" is often not an acceptable answer.

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