Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Yeah, hey, I want to travel south this year

Yesterday, already in the car before 8am and with a camera handy, I drove to McKees Rocks knowing that the Pittsburgh and Ohio Central Railroad crews go on duty around 8. Sure enough, as I drove past, they were walking out to the trains.

After about 30 minutes of following them and snapping pictures in what light snuck through the crowds, both crews vanished into areas I couldn't access. Figuring on looping back home via Greentree so I could work, I took a couple backroads there, and when I got there, surprise! A train hidden deep in the yard, moving. I figured I'd snap a shot and then go home. Nope, heard the crew get permission to run east to Connellsville. Knowing the plan, which is rare, I decided to follow.

I spent the day until about 3:15pm chasing and photographing the train in the snow. Sadly, an overcast day and shooting pictures with a snowy background makes for a lot of fun with exposures, but I had a good day anyway. I got to Banning, maybe 30-40 (rail) minutes from Connellsville, before running out of time and returning to Pittsburgh.

Today I have had probably my most productive day in months. Moral? Unsure. But it does seem to indicate I need to take a break more often than I have.
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