Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

After a couple weeks of using OS X, here's where I stand:

I've almost gotten my environment down to the point where I'm comfortable. Most, but not all of the tools I might like seem to exist. On the whole, most satisfying GUI mail client I've used since Sun's "mailtool". But...
-has a silly bug where it doesn't show submailboxes of inbox from an IMAP account unless you have more than one account. geekosaur pointed me at the Apple knowledgebase item I'd failed to find, and configuring additional accounts made it happy. Bonus: the account I configured, despite being a dummy, is the "plused" form of my email address so I can post to a mailing list I'm on.
-allows plugins, so I have PGP (GPG, actually) support. Woo!

Codetek Virtual Desktop: I bought a license almost immediately. Has 2 problems:
-when an app is "busy" (this seems to happen to often) changing desktops does not result in the window going away or appearing, as appropriate. Some time later it will choose to appear or disappear, and if it's appearing you may have changed desktops again to one where it houldn't even appear!
-well, not really their problem, but if anyone can fix it, it's them. New windows get focus. I don't want that. They already diddle with focus to allow "focus follows mouse". I want just a little more diddling.

-has this cool TWERQ support for reversing the keymap when you hold down the space bar, but it's compiled out for patent reasons. It's still in the source, so I have my own build of it.
-allows you to make F1-F6 "not special". That would be cool, except applying this setting doesn't make F6 not numlock, and F3, F4 and F5 give key events as F6, F3 and F4 respectively.
-allows you to make Caps Lock into Control, but the LCD on the key still toggles, and if you "sleep" with it on, you have Control locked on when you come back until you tap it again. Likewise, the first press of Control in an X11 app after you switch to an X app is sometimes "lost", so you think you're hitting ^a n, and really you're hitting a n. Oops.

zChat: a zephyr clone of iChat. I have source and figure it's worth some work.
-too many windows if you read a lot of classes
-no support for sending broadcast messages to foreign realms
-no support for non-default instances if you subscribe to classes with it

WirelessModem: the app to let me use my phone as an IP provider (talk PPP to it, and it exports the
same internet connection the web browser uses)
-no real problems, it just works. I choose the phone, say "Connect" and it does. It did on my Linux box, too, so anything less would be disappointing.

It surprises me how many things I want could probably be dealt with by hacking the kernel. It surprises me more that I find the idea of doing so somewhat wretched.

I guess near-term I expect to work on zChat a bit to see if I can make it more like what I want, and on OpenAFS to see if I can do disconnected operation.

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