August 3rd, 2003


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For today's fun, I drove to Grove City, and picked up my sisters. They'd been visiting friends in Erie, a family that used to live up the street from my parents.

They were running a little late but weren't much later than 4pm.

Having planned a bit in advance, I knew the location of a soda fountain in Mercer, just 7 miles from where I would be at that point. I guessed they'd be open til 5. They were. My sisters got vanilla shakes, and I got a vanilla malt. Then, after we finished, I got a Coke for the road, and headed home.

When I got as far as Zelienople, the car was needing gas, so I got off. Going through town I got annoyed at traffic, and turned. I stopped and got gas along route 288, then forked and went down to Beaver Falls (crossing the bridge from Eastvale). Then it was the familiar chase down route 18 and then route 65.

When I was about to leave my parents', my Uncle Jim showed up; He lives outside DC but was around to visit people as he does about once a month. So I stuck around and shot the breeze for a while before heading home. Shortly, bed.