September 7th, 2003


(no subject)

For today's fun, my brother helped me (more like I helped him) install a new garage door. And it's not quite done, because he's a fool and wanted to do it right. The lesson of course is to hire someone, except I wanted it done before the mortgage refinancing appraisal Wednesday.

Then I went to my parents for my other sister's birthday. (They're 5 days, and 3 years, apart. We did the other last weekend.) I couldn't get my sister's wireless card to work in the PCI Cardbus bridge, so now she has a USB 802.11b adapter. It just worked. I failed to reclaim my airport, because the CompUSA wireless router kept misbehaving. It's not worth my time to debug.

Won at Bohnanza and Puerto Rico. Lost repeatedly at Uno. Turned out we had a bum deck with missing cards.

Then I came home and installed a light fixture, a 110v outlet, 2 wall plates, and managed to get drenched with sweat. I guess now it's shower, sleep, and perhaps try to finish the garage door tomorrow.