October 4th, 2003


Broken dreams of computing

Going back to when I was a student, I've been interested in distributed computing. I wanted to set up an ideal distributed computing infrastructure, something that would be easy to manage, easy to maintain, and easy to grow, just because it seemed interesting.

Of course, as a student I had no money, so in many cases I needed free pieces where only commercial pieces were available. Worse, in some cases the pieces I wanted didn't exist at all.

Looking back, it's interesting to see what's happened and what hasn't. It's also very depressing. Consider that it's been basically 10 years since I started working on this.

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Some of these are interesting problems. I was going to write a paper surveying local disk management software with zacheiss for LISA, and we never did anything about it. I wonder if I'll ever have time for it. Likewise, I wonder if we'll continue to struggle with problems that should have been solved 10 years ago for the next 10.