January 4th, 2004


Same as it ever was

It's already the 4th day of 2004, and I don't have a lot to show for the 3 preceding it. I still haven't repaired the holes I cut in the floor for hamster extraction. I haven't watered the batteries in the electric car yet (though I at least have a hygrometer and some distilled water now). After poking at my sister's laptop for several hours, I failed to fix her Kerberos problem (I assume it's either NAT or some sort of port filtering), and despite listening to "Ain't No Sunshine" repeatedly, something I can't complain about, I failed to fix the issue her DVD-ROM is having. Hopefully Dell with just replace it.

I went to work on Friday, turned on some of the machines in my office, and submitted a revised W-4. I haven't gotten any of the releases I wanted to get done out yet. I haven't finished the AFS work I wanted to. Really, massively unproductive isn't the way I wanted to start 2004. But it's how I ended 2003, so I shouldn't be at all shocked.

It's 2004. Can I have 1996 again?