December 12th, 2004


And I don't have a wooden heart

So asking a question of my boss, cc'd to his boss, about why we weren't doing something which I was sitting in a conference hearing lots of other people succeeding at (after hearing a few days earlier a piece of bad information a coworker suggested might be involved) resulted in me pissing off my boss' boss... without trying.

This is a new "high" for me. I'm brusque, sure, but in general if I'm trying to torque you, you'll know. So, I apologized.

And he then told me stuff I didn't expect, namely, he basically took (at least partial) responsibility for the decision. What bothered me was he admitted it was done based on what he believed he knew of the issue. Other people pay me to work on this stuff. I don't expect that he'll just blindly follow what I say; He asked me absolutely nothing about it. So any pretense of my knowledge being valuable is pretty much out the window.

In the past I have been snippy (and beyond) when I felt short-changed. I can't even muster it this time. The demotivating effect is crushing. I'm going to apply for some jobs elsewhere, and simply not comment. 10 years with Computing Services is 1/3/2005. The innovation is gone, I guess, which sort of destroys the point of continuing to work there. I wonder if the problem is I poisoned work's relationship with me, and if in fact anyone will care if I manage to find something useful and leave.