December 13th, 2004


Runnin' Down a Dream

The biggest bummer about going to Stockholm is, as 4 times before, coming back from Stockholm.

It's nice being in a city which is dense, though not large, with lots of interesting people and stuff around. The heart of the city is bounded by the neighborhoods where the old toll gates were (Norrtull, Roslagstull, Danvikstull, Skanstull, Jethrotull, and Hornstull). KTH (translated, the Royal Institute of Technology) is just outside that near Roslagstull, and Stockholm University is just a bit north of that. It seems like I could easily enjoy working at either, and living near the core of the city would probably be quite pleasant, something which isn't always true. It's a shame moving abroad is hard. And I felt particularly bad that this was trip #5, and my Swedish is still basically useless.

Observation: despite it being just a few days before the solstice, and relatively chilly, Stockholm seemed to be a better dressed city than the last few times I was there.

In addition to the work, and a short bit of transit exploration (Tvärbanan was extended east since I first rode it) we ate at nearly every variety of eastern restaurant, all over the city.

As to coming home, about the 200km/h trip back to Arlanda on the Arlanda Express, I cleared security, passport control, and the gate, and then got to listen to people talking about the Nobel Prize ceremonies. One couple had a relative who was either nominated or got the prize. I wasn't paying attention, but they were talking loud enough that I could hear. Apparently if you're a guest, there are people to attend to your every whim. Anyway, the flight back was somewhat productive, entering the country at Newark was painless, and the last leg home arrived early. It's a shame I had and have absolutely no desire to be back here.