December 7th, 2005


It’s just time to pay the price for not listening to advice

Today I took off only the 3rd day since I started this job. For my day off? Well, actually, I suppose the day started when the last one ended, and I left je2i and thwomp's house after some b.s. and tv, and headed home to play with the small ones and sleep. I figured out when I needed to leave given my plan for today, and set an alarm for 8:20.

I got on the road by 8:45, forgetting only my MetroCard (recoverable) and headed east. Twice I lost: once the Turnpike was at full stop, outside Kittatinny Mountain tunnel (pictures will appear in my photojournal) for no apparent reason, and then again on I-81 by Ft. Indiantown Gap... where I simply got off and followed the old road, US22, for a while, at the same 70mph I'd been going on the new one. Sadly this put me on I-78 instead of back on 81, but I quickly reoriented and recomputed, and arrived at my intermediate destination around 1: Pottsville.
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Anyway, there are a few cases of a few varieties in my trunk now... a few blocks away, in Manhattan. I left the brewery and drove up 81 and over 80 right into the city and across the G.W. Bridge, during rush hour. Sigh.

Anyway, I went to volleyball with Jeff and then wandered down to Madison Square Garden for The Bravery (another group I wanted to see, but forgot to list the other day) and Depeche Mode. Being far from the stage wasn't as big a deal as I'd have expected: there was no pit anyway. Both bands put on excellent shows. My enjoyment was unconditional. I enjoyed the silence, made a policy of truth and found my own personal jesus, and so everything else was just gravy.

Anyway, after sleep I'll go west and catch up on work. I suppose I should decide if I want to see Living Things in Asbury Park next week or not.